Portada juego de mesa What's Missing?
Portada juego de mesa What's Missing?

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What's Missing? (2020)

20 Minutos

+7 Años

3 - 6 Jugadores

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What's Missing?? is a drawing board game containing 240 line drawing cards, sorted by difficulty. In a round, each player takes a card, hides it behind a cardboard screen, and tries to draw another image on a transparent paper placed on top of that card, with the objective that the drawer wants other players to guess what is on the card.

After finishing the drawing, the drawer shows only the transparent paper to the others, and the other players have to guess MY GAME? on the transparent paper. The player who guesses correctly wins 1 point, and the drawer loses 1 point if no one guesses.

To win, being smart is more important than being a good artist. Young sketchers can give other players a clue based on the type of things on the card.

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