Portada juego de mesa 4 en Letras
Portada juego de mesa 4 en Letras

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4 en Letras (2014)

5 - 15 Minutos

+5 Años

1 - 16 Jugadores

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4 en Letras is a card game that will test your vocabulary, your mental agility and also your luck.

In 4 en Letras you will have to form words with the letters of the cards in order to win a game. You have 8 different ways to play and two styles of play, competitive and thematic, that you can apply to each of them, the possibilities are endless!

You can play 4 en Letras anywhere: on a table, on the floor, on the beach, at the airport, in the cafeteria, waiting for the subway, or at the bar while all your friends arrive.

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